Yogam Children Health Mix / Porridge (500gm)


Naturally Balanced Health Mix.
A Proprietary Herbal Food.




Yogam Health Mix Porridge is very healthy, filling baby
food good
for 6+ months babies and adults. It is also
ideal for growing children as it is easy to digest.
This health mix made using millet as the main ingredient
can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Even diabetes
patients can consume this for their daily dose of
essential nutrients.

Most importantly, this tasty health mix helps increase body
weight in a healthy way. Rich in Calcium & Iron, diabetic
friendly, good source of carbohydrates, source of Vitamin D,
high in protein, rich in Vitamin B complex, weight gaining
food for babies. This formula also contains a high amount
of DHA to help nourish and develop your baby’s brain.

Ingredients: Dry Ginger, Pepper, Long Pepper, Moong Dal,
Black Gram, Foxtail Millet, Little Millet, Kodo Millet,
Ragi, Bajara, Sorghum, Corn Flak, Groundnut, Fried Gram,
Barley, Sago, Wheat, Jaggery, Badam, Saarai Dal, Soya Beans.

How to prepare: Take one spoon of the Yogam Health Mix with one
glass of water and boil on low flame till the mixture thickens.
Add ghee and palm jaggery to make the porridge healthier.

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