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Ramcare Arappu Shampoo – 125ml (Pack of 3)


Hair & Eye Cooling. Hair Softness.
Long, Silk & Shiny Black Hair.
Best for Lies & Anti Dandruff.



The arappu Shampoo removes grime, oil
and also has a conditioning effect.

Arappu Shampoo serves as a natural
conditioner for the hair while washing.
It reduces heat of the body and softens
the hair. It is an old method of washing
hair and very good for your hair growth.

Arappu Shampoo helps to protect hair from
falling, dandruff, grey hair, etc. On the
alternate side, it helps to make hair stronger,
thicker, and creates a healthy hair condition.

Arappu, Vettiver, Hibiscus, Amla,
Curry Leaves, Fenugreek, Shikakai,
Neem, Lemon.

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