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Jeyam Naturals Pure Mountain Honey


100% Pure Natural Honey

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Mountain honey is a natural product made by bees from nectar
and myelates found by bees in the mountains.
Mountain honey is collected by bees at high altitudes above sea level,
where the flora is different from the flora found in prairies,
forests or riverbanks at elevations close to sea level.

Mountain honey is helpful for stress, disorders of the endocrine system,
cardiovascular diseases, and effectively treating diseases of the kidneys,
liver, and stomach. It helps excrete the salt, toxins from the human body.

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3 reviews for Jeyam Naturals Pure Mountain Honey

  1. Mathavan

    One of the best and purest honey.

  2. Abdul Kader

    Good Quality

  3. Jameeludeen

    Very tasty and not very sweet

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