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Jeyam Naturals Palm Candy / Tal Mishri / Panakarkandu (250gm)


Natural Sweetner. Traditionally Made.
No Artificial Colours and Preservatives.



Palm candy contains minerals like potassium, phosphorus,
and amino acids which are building blocks of proteins and
are needed for cell growth and repair.

Palm Candy has a lot of positive benefits including
encouraging better digestion, boosting the immune
system and steadily increasing antioxidant levels.

It contains essential minerals, phytonutrients,
and vitamins such as b1, b2, b3 and b6,
including potassium, zinc, iron.

Panakarkandu is good for swollen throat/ common
cough-cold ear pain and for minor urinary infection.

Palm candy can be used in your tea, coffee, sweets
or even be eaten like a piece of chocolate.







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