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Jeyam Naturals Adhimadhuram Powder / Mulethi Powder / Liquorice Powder (100gm)


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  • Athimathuram powder will strengthen the liver, eliminates toxins from the body, and improves our immunity system.
  • It helps to avoid the ulcers in the stomach and intestine and it also works effectively for joint pains.
  • Athimathuram gives more saliva on the mouth and this gradually removes the hoarseness caused by sore throat.
  • It reduces body heat and cure cold & cough.

Ingredients: Adhimadhuram (Liquorice)

How to use: Take 2-3g with hot water or honey.

About Jeyam Naturals:

Jeyam (victory in tamil language) aka J.M was coined by Mr. Mohamed Hussain in 1932. He was always obsessed with herbs & nature and started treating the diseases of local people for free of cost. People used to knock his door even at midnight to get his help. His hobby was to collect rare herbs & grains. He made a lot of natural medicines with his own formula which was used to treat indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, and much more common issues. He had a vision to make continuous healthy generations with nutrient-rich and healthy foods. Generations passed and we are now here after 90 years to carry forward the same vision which our grandfather had and we are succeeding. We continuously find more farmers who produce organic and Non-GMO products. We strictly adhere to the FSSAI standards. We thank all our customers who supported us in our initial stage and become the reason of our today’s growth.

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