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Almond Gum / Badam Pisin (200gm)


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Badam pisin or almond gum is natural edible gum obtained from
the sweet almond tree bark. Its scientific name is prunus amygdalus
and its first quality. Badam pisin is either white or brown in color
and is found in the shape of small rocks. It has emulsifying, adhesive,
thickening, glazing and stabilizing properties.

One of the most significant benefits of almond gum is that it helps
reducing stomach burn and stomach ulcers. Almond gum provides cold
to the stomach and cures acidity problems in many. Many recognized
practitioners also prefer almond gum to cure skin allergies and itching.

It turns into a jelly when soaked in water and is used in the famous
Jigarthanda drink. Usually badam pisin is had during summers.

Soak 10 gms of Badam Pisin (almond gum) in 100 ml of water overnight.
Next morning, Gum absorbs water and swells. Remove water and add this
to warm or cold milk along with sugar or honey (for extra sweet) and
consume. It can be consumed without milk too (in plain water) to
reduce body heat.

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